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Wine Box Ceremony Samples

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​Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony Samples

A love letter exchange is a romantic ceremony that will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heartfelt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings are locked away in a wine box to be revealed several years into your marriage.

Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony 1

NAME and NAME have chosen as a couple to perform a Love Letter & Wine Box ceremony.

This box contains a bottle of wine (or sparkling cider), and a love letter from each to the other.

The letters describe the good qualities they find in one another, the reasons they fell in love, and their reasons for choosing to marry.

The letters are sealed in individual envelopes and they have not seen what the other has written.

You have created your very own “romantic” time capsule to be opened on your 5th wedding anniversary.

I recommend that you keep the box in a place of honor prominently displayed in your home as a constant reminder of your commitment to each other.

Open this box to share and enjoy on your 5th year wedding anniversary!

NAME and NAME, you may now lock the box.

Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony 2

“Like good wine, a great love will deepen and mature with age.

As a part of today’s ceremony, NAME and NAME have captured their thoughts leading up to this day in personal notes to each other.

Also they have asked their parents (or best man / maid of honor or other loved ones) to compose notes as well, containing their thoughts and their most important piece of advice to the couple as they journey through life together.

These notes will now be sealed in this box to be opened and shared together with a bottle of wine on a future anniversary celebration.

It is at this time I would ask the parents to come forward and place their note and a bottle of wine inside this box.

These messages and wine will be shared by NAME and NAME on their 1st and 5th anniversaries.

And I now ask that NAME and NAME place their notes to each other with a bottle of wine they have selected to share on their 10th anniversary celebration.

On that joyous day INSERT DATE they will get to reflect on the events and emotions they shared on this wonderful day.

They can also reminisce about all of the wonderful memories they will have made over the last ten years and dream of all of those yet to come.

Name and Name you may now lock the box.

Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony 3

At this time, NAME and NAME would like you to witness an untraditional tradition.

The fact that it is untraditional is probably why it appeals to them so much.

Here’s how it works: NAME and NAME have written love letters to each other.

In these letters they have detailed why they fell in love and what they truly admire about the other person.

These letters were sealed before they each could read what the order wrote.

The letter will be placed in this box along with a good bottle of wine.

They will then nail the box closed.

The idea is that if ever they find their marriage has hit a rough spot, they will bring out the box, they will open it, share the wine, and read the letters reminding them of the love that brought them together and the promises they made to each other here today.

It is their hope and belief that they will not need the box except in celebration of an anniversary.

They hope to hold out until their INSERT ANNIVERSARY DATE, but if they do need it, it’s there.

This may not seem like the most romantic thing to do on a wedding day–to think about the days when things will be hard–but it’s important to BRIDE and GROOM that their ceremony and promises to each other be realistic.

They know that marriage is hard.

They know it is a lot of work.

They mean every word that they have said here today and they do not take lightly the words as long as we both shall live.

NAME and NAME, you may now lock the box.